About Us

During the early 1990’s Natal Coastal Communications C.C. was formed as a result of a merger of two very successful companies, Durban Communications and Country Call. The Member’s vision for the newly formed company was to become the leading two-way radio communication company in the Republic of South Africa

Natal Coastal Communications are experts in the radio communications space with core competency knowledge and experience in the radio and communication field. We are firm on our quality and efficiency standards ensuring our customers maximum satisfaction.

Natal Costal Communications C.C. is a BBBEEE LEVEL 1 company. Click here to see our certificate.


Company Mission
Our vision is to become the leading two way radio communication company in South Africa. This will be achieved by always looking for areas of improvement, maintaining our high standards and placing the customer first. We striving for excellent service delivery and support through the implementation of the latest technology, expertise and skill in the communication industry
Social Responsibility

Natal Coastal Communications is extremely proud to have been able to contribute in a number of ways to various deserving social development programmes in KwaZulu-Natal. We also ensure that we do our part to look after the enviroment.

This is place high empahsis and important to correctly dispose of our batteries and other electronic-waste components. We use official disposal companies to remove and carefully recycle all our materials. The destruction certificates are available on request.

Natal Coastal Communications over the years has channelled a significant amount of its revenue to various religious and welfare groups who are directly involved with charitable work in the local communities they serve. We are truly blessed to be able to support a local child welfare organisations which has enable them continue with the important responsibility of caring for the many orphaned and underprivileged children in our community

Natal Coastal Communications is also a supporter of the SANBS and helping the community by doing blood drives from our premises.