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Natal Coastal Communications C.C is an authorised dealer of all the leading brand Land Mobile Radios  namely Motorola, Kenwood, ICOM, Vertex Standard, HYT, Kirisun etc

  • A large range of two-way radios, accessories & consumables are kept in stock.
  • Two-way radio repairs are carried out on-site by highly qualified & experienced technical staff
  • Various two-way radios, including Intrinsically Safe portable radios are available on a short or long term rental basis.
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I-TALK PTT & Guard Patrol

I-TALK PTT & Guard Patrol

iTALK Patrol & Guarding has been developed to meet the needs of the Southern African security industry.
This system incorporates complete management of your guard force.


Audible Patrol Start and End ReminderNFC Tags or GPS Points Optional
Real Time TrackingVoice Recording
Real Time ReportingFull Data History
Battery Alert FeaturePersonalised Clocking Card
Emergency / Panic ButtonOnline / Offline Duty / Time & Attendance
Sequential / Random Patrol RoutesIntegration with Easy Roster
Geo Fence

Motorola Radios & Repeaters

Motorola Radios

Intrinsically Safe Radios

Intrinsically Safe Radiosare a requirement for Petro/CHEM industry. These devices are specialized for use in hazardous environments where potential spark, heat or flame could be a safety hazard. Since Radios are electrical they have the potential to cause spark. However the Intrinsically safe radios are specially designed for these environments and meet the stringent safety requirements. Contact our consultants for more information.

We have availability of stock on hand for short and long term rental.









Motorola Repeaters

Mototrbo Repeaters

Tetra Networks & Radios

Natal coastal Communications is JV with ALCOM MOTORMO South africa and is the only Service Provider that is carry out and implementing the TETRA NETWORK AND SUPPLYING OF TETRA RADIO. Motorola’s TETRA solution offers secure, reliable and efficient communications customized to meet the needs of different markets. Mission-critical communications demand a system that’s stable, reliable and flexible.

Equipment to comply with INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS

Handheld Radios

TETRA Portable Radio PT580H Plus  



TETRA base stations






Hytera Radios & Repeaters

Hytera is a global leader in two-way radio communications, developing and manufacturing innovative solutions to meet our varied customer requirements. With a reputation for high-quality, reliable, feature rich handsets and systems. Speak to one of our consultants for more information.





PD4 Series


PD6 Series



PD5 Series


Mobile / Base Radios




HYTERA RD625 – DMR repeater

HYTERA RD965 – DMR repeater

HYTERA RD985 – DMR repeater

 HYTERSA RD985S – DMR repeater



iTalk Smart PTT Radios

Coastal Communications are experts in the new revolutionary PTT Radios that have revolutionized the Two Way Radio industry and far exceeds the coverage and performance of traditional radio trunking networks.

iTALKPTT software has been exclusively developed in South Africa to meet specific regional needs.Software can be customized to user requirements. See options below:


Coastal Communications are equipped with all types of radio accessories to tailor-make your order.
See examples below:



Two-Way Radio Rental
Natal Coastal Communications understands its clients and this is why we provide options for two-way radio rental.
Our experienced team will assist you to choose the right rental package to ensure it fits your requirements. A frequently asked question: Why should I rent rather than purchase two way radios?
The primary objection clients have to most rental packages is that they never own the equipment at the end of the contract period. If this is also your reason not to rent then consider the following:The primary disadvantage of ownership is that the repair and maintenance costs are for the owner’s account. Contact us for more information about the advantages of renting your equipment.

Availability of stock at any give time, short and long term