Analogue to Digital Migration
Natal Coastal Communications cc are experts in analogue to digital systems migrations. Speak to one of our consultants to have our team assist you with the migration. We have case studies available of migrations that we have successfully completed with customer satisfaction and technician experience. These case studies are available on request.


Coastal Communications Repeaters & Highsites
Coastal Communications proudly owns most of its high-sites property, equipment and and repeater network. This means that we do not rely on 3rd parties for assistance in adding customers and clients to the systems, and the process is efficient and seamless. We are responsible for the careful maintenance of all the high-sites. All our repeaters are on backup power, serviced by our qualified and experienced technicians. See an image below of one of our repeater high sites.
Trunking Network
Natal Coast Communications cc is an authorised Altech Fleetcall dealer. Altech Fleetcall is the leading Radio Trunking Network operator in South Africa. The Trunking Service network covers from Cape Town to Beit Bridge. Click here to view the network coverage map.
Radio Trunking enables a dispatcher to be in instant contact with vehicles in the fleet nationally. Similar to cellular phones the network automatically seeks the location of the radio wherever it may be.
Some of the key features of the trunking network are:
  • Private or group calls can be made between users
  • PSTN call facility i.e. calls can be made from a telephone or cellular phone to a mobile radios and vice versa
  • Easy to use, users do not have to change channels as this is done automatically by the network
Some of the key benefits to fleet managers and small operators are:
  • Local, regional and national coverage
  • Unlimited airtime packages at a fix monthly fee
  • Instant access to the network
  • Cost savings which accrue when compared with other communication technologies



24/7 Qualified technicians on standby

We at Natal Coastal Communications are serious about the best possible up-time for our clients. We have a qualified & experienced technical team that is available 24/7, 365 days a year – we pride ourselves on service excellence.

Our technicians are also proudly certified with a Fall & Arrest rope access to meet all safety requirements when working on sites.

Our Workshop

Natal Coastal Commications boasts a very well equiped and stocked workshop. All the specialized instruments in the workshop are calibrated annully and calibration certificates are available upon request. We also stock spares and accessories on site for all your device and handset needs. Our accessories include but not limited to: spare batteries, antennas, leather pouches, microphones and much more.


Vehicle Satellite Tracking
Natal Coastal Communications cc is an approved ALTECH NETSTAR Fitment Centre. The company has a fully equipped workshop and employs a number of qualified and experienced technicians. We offer a complete one-stop service as well as excellent after sales care.
ALTECH NETSTAR is supported and underwritten by companies such as Volkswagen SA, Audi SA, Daimler, Chrysler, Delta Motor Corporation and all major motor manufacturers
For more information click on the NETSTAR  link to the left
Two-Way Radio Rental
Natal Coastal Communications understands its clients and this is why we provide options for two-way radio rental.
Our experienced team will assist you to choose the right rental package to ensure it fits your requirements. A frequently asked question: Why should I rent rather than purchase two way radios?
The primary objection clients have to most rental packages is that they never own the equipment at the end of the contract period. If this is also your reason not to rent then consider the following:The primary disadvantage of ownership is that the repair and maintenance costs are for the owner’s account. Contact us for more information about the advantages of renting your equipment.
Availability of stock at any give time, short and long term